Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Missouri GOP voted to reject legislation that would provide health care for 10's of thousands of Missouri children

Outraged, that’s how I am feeling right now! After conspiring with our ex-Governor to strip so many kids of health coverage in 2005 the Republicans in our Missouri legislature has struck again. They have voted, as a block, to reject legislation that would have secured 5.5 million dollars of Federal money to provide health care for 10’s of thousands of Missouri children. Their story: They are rejecting Welfare!

Here is a portion of a message we received from Representative John Burnett about the proceedings:

“The debate was ugly. The Republicans used every procedural device at their disposal to prevent any meaningful debate. They refused to even permit debate on most proposed amendments and were blatantly rude in their debate that they did permit. When the final vote came it split on exact party lines. Every single Republican voted against the children of the State and every single Democrat voted for them. Even the great Medicaid slashing of 2005 was not so blatant. But this time they all joined hands and refused to accept the Federal money”

Unfortunately not many of the culprits live within the city. They seem to lurk about in our suburbs, but they all have telephones in Jeff City and Eaddresses if you should wish to contact them and voice your Outrage! Or maybe a letter to the editor of the Star might be more up your alley. Here is a list of the “sort of local to KC” GOP Reps. Let's get after them!

Bryan Pratt – Blue Springs
573 751 8636

Doug Ervin – Kearney
573 751 2238

Gary Dusenberg – Blue Springs
573 751 1487

Jeff Grisamore – Lee’s Summitt
573 751 1456

Will Kraus – South KC
573 751 1459

Ryan Silvey – North KC
573 751 5282

Jerry Nolte – Gladstone
573 751 1470

Tim Flook – Liberty
573 751 1218

Jason Brown – Platte County
573 751 6593