Monday, November 3, 2008

Bryce's Law

Bryce's LawWhat is Bryce's Law? This is a bill currently being considered in the Missouri legislature that creates the Missouri Special Needs Scholarship Tax Credit Program. (House Bill 1886 and Senate Bill SS/SCS/SBs 993 & 770) . Please play the quick video below from Representative Scharnhorst in which he shares why this bill is so important:

This program gives parents of special needs children with an IEP in a public school the choice to move their child to another public or private school using a special needs scholarship that will cover all or part of the costs as well as transportation to certain public schools.
Beginning with tax year 2008, a taxpayer would be able to claim a tax credit against a state tax liability equal to 80 percent of his/her contribution to a scholarship-granting organization. To read the current bill summary, click here

This bill is named after Bryce Scharnhorst (pictured above) who was the grandson of House Representative Dwight Scharnhorst. Bryce passed away last year from complications related to Autism and Epilepsy. Rep. Scharnhorst authored the House bill in Bryce's name because he recognized the education struggles that parents of special needs children face.

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