Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I bet Mike ends up doing something in Washington DC after he terms out. It is setting up nicely for him earning the respect of national players. The money will be hard to resist and I've seen guys like Mike for almost two decades working in the building move on to greener pastures outside of Missouri. Scott Murphy comes to mind (google him) but maybe not in elected office, more of a gov affairs contract lobbyist role. Talboy is way to liberal for statewide Missouri. I have seen him say things on the floor that are scorching. When Tim Jones and Brian Pratt would give campaign speeches on the House floor Talboy would be one of the first reps to the mic to call them out. We lobbyists sit in the upper gallery and watch these grown men scream at each other like children on the play ground. Talboy is by far the most aggressive of the KC reps. He is not the best speaker in the delegation but he is the one most willing to take the heat on an abortion bill or calling out Jeff Grisamore for hating children. All of the KC reps have their own style and pound for pound are much more talented than the STL delegation. Let's see... Kander is witty and doesn't speak as often as you would expect which gives him more attention when he does. Holsman is an eloquent wordsmith who probably understands policy as well as anyone in the room. Hughes is a big dreamer who has grand ideas that he doesn't follow through on. Curls is steadfast and serious, she is nothing like Melba and will be a solid senator. Brown sometimes doesn't know where he is during a debate. Everyone else is new.