Friday, February 10, 2012

House sends employment discrimination bill to the Senate (AUDIO)

House sends employment discrimination bill to the Senate (AUDIO)

The Missouri House of Representatives has passed its version of employment discrimination legislation, following the most heated debate so far this session. House Democrats, lead by the Black Caucus, spoke at length in opposition to the measure each time it came to the floor, saying it will make discrimination easier in Missouri workplaces.

Republicans fired back against those comments in debate on Thursday. Lee’s Summit representative Jeff Grisamore said, “I frankly find it abhorrent and offensive that there has been such gross misrepresentations of this issue that members of the minority would imply that anybody on this floor, in this chamber, supports bigotry and discrimination.”

Minority Floor Leader Mike Talboy (D-Kansas City) re-iterated his party’s stance that the bill makes it easier to discriminate against the disabled, cancer patients, minorities and other groups. He told Grisamore, “You can own that. I’m not calling you a racist, I’m not calling you a bigot, I have never done that, nor will I … if you’re upset about it then you have some introspection to do on your own. Don’t blame me.”

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