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I Think That They Call It Political Double Talk. I Call It Lies

His Remarks Will Be In Red.  Mine Will Be In Black

As for a committee on autism and special needs in R-7, I have spoken to the Superintendent and Board, which relates to why he spoke to you. If that committee is formed, you will have one voice, although I would like to see D on it too, along with others, such as J. That will be up to R-7. Given your antagonism toward me and them, you are most fortunate you are being considered to be on such a committee. I would encourage you to consider changing your approach for the sake of LSASG's credibility and influence with R-7 and beyond. Your current approach is only isolating and alienating yourself from me and others who are doing much to help children with autism and their families.

The Superintendent assured me that Jeff Grisamore didn't have the district's ear and that the meetings between the district and me had nothing to do with Grisamore.
"Rep grisamore is getting ahead of himself. There have been no follow up discussions about any ideas that may have been mentioned in some setting. Honestly, I do not recall discussing this committee but I may have forgotten. It happens. My invitation to discuss the issues is for you only at this time. You and I can discuss together where all of this goes from there. I hope this clarifies my intention. I do not go into this knowing where we will end up but do feel our dialogue has the potential to make us a better district and help you better understand our challenges. I am really looking forward to our meetings." 

For example, she posted Jackson County property records claiming them as proof I do not have a mortgage and that Bill Kenney paid for our house. He was the builder who owned and sold us the house. In truth, we have two mortgages, the 2nd we incurred to cover expenses after our daughter died. 

The following are emails that I have received from Representative Grisamore. If you want to go to Jackson County, MO’s website you can look up anyone’s mortgage. He does not have one. I received each of these emails at different times and I do have a hard copy of them. You can’t have it both ways. First he said that the house was offered to them right after his daughter’s death and a significant portion of the house was gifted through the benevolence of friends, family and a foundation. Then he said that they bought the house before their daughter died and then got a second mortgage following her death. Which is it?

First, you stated, “You don’t have a mortgage on your house. Bill Kenney paid for your house.” I have no idea where you got that assumption. In truth, we have two mortgages on our house. The first from when Bill Kenny sold us the house as a builder/developer and friend and the second we assumed after our daughter died to cover unexpected bills and expenses following her death. Bill did not pay for our house and did not contribute one penny to the purchase contract. He did discount the house from the list price of about $220,000 to just over $200,000 and we do have two mortgages on our home. Please do not perpetuate the false assumption that he paid for our house and we do not have a mortgage. 

I will say to answer your questoin of how we live in a $200,000 house with such a low salary, we were offered the house right after our daughter died and a significant portion of the house was gifted through the benevolence of friends, family and a foundation. We do not make $100,000 a year as you claimed and never have. We bought that house in 2003 when my salary was much higher and it is difficult to keep up with our mortgage. We have considered downsizing, but want to honor the generosity of those who helped us with the home by trying to stay in it and it is a bad sellers market anyway.

You previously told me that your house was offered to you right after your daughter died. Now you are saying that you got the second mortgage after your daughter died. You also said that a significant portion of the house was gifted through the benevolence of friends, family, and a foundation.

You don't have a mortgage. All mortgages are on the Jackson County, Missouri website and can be looked up. This is all that they have for you.

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She also implies our children receive free lunches and also tries to imply we are on Medicaid. We are not. We have been privately insured since 2000 after moving back to Missouri with the exception of a nine month window in 2006 after I left a corporate presidency until I was sworn into office.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Children of Promise International has commissioned our president, Jeff Grisamore, to launch a new initiative, hereby known as, the Alliance for Orphans and Widows. As President of Children of Promise since 2000,

Jeff's legacy has been a consistent passion for the care of orphans and widows, a quality that will serve him well in this new endeavor. Jeff will assume his new duties as founder and president of Alliance for Orphans and Widows in April 2006.

Her false attacks against me, Lee's Summit R-7 Schools, DESE and now my House colleagues contain many commonalities. She consistently misunderstands the facts and misrepresents the truth and timelines. That is why I stopped communicating with her in 2008. Anytime, she would post a false claim and I would write to communicate the truth, she would post my e-mail to her and contend I was lying. Therefore, I do not communicate with her any longer. You cannot have rational conversations in a stream of irrational and false attacks and misrepresentations.

From: Jeff Grisamore [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 6:42 PM

Subject: RE: Meeting To Discuss Aquatic Therapy For Special Needs Students


I had not asked to attend the hayride. Pastor Jim Winings had suggested it. We have worked together much serving constituents and those in need. While I appreciate your offer to attend the hayride, I think it better for your event if I do not attend. 

Given the many false assumptions and untruthful, libelous and slanderous claims you have publicly cirulated about me, my family, non profit work and public service on behalf of individuals with disabilities--even after I have explained to you the truth--I think some attending the hayride would be uncomfortable with my presence. As such, I would not want that to be an unecessary distraction to the success of the event.

While I regularly participate in many disabilities related events and enjoy mutually respective working relationships with many autism and disabilities related advocates in our area and statewide who appreciate my work on behalf of those with disabilities--especially autism--you and I no longer share such common ground, which I reget.

That is unfortunate and I would be more than willing to resume a positive working relationship with you if you would simply acknowledge your misunderstandings about me, my family and work you have published and stop perpetuating such falsehoods via private and public conversations and the internet.

As I told you many times when I repeatedly met with you and Debbie and your group in 2006 and 2007, I would encourage you to be peaceful, proactive and positive in your approach versus being hostile, antagonistic and combative toward the Lee's Summit R-7 School District, DESE and others, including myself. 

Your negative approach has unecessarily alienated you from so many in the autism communities locally, regionally and statewide and has diminished your credibility when you could instead be such a positive force if you would simply change your approach.

Regarding the meeting with the school district regarding special needs programming at the swim and dive center, that meeting and the working group I discussed with R-7 officials regarding special needs programming is pending. They will notify invitees to that meeting. 

I met with the school district concerning special needs programming at the swim and dive center because of the excellent constituent input of Betty Sharpe. I would imagine the school district will be in further communications with her as well as others as special needs programming at the swim and dive center develops.


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