Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lee's Summit R-7 School District: Erosion Of Our Rights

Lee's Summit R-7 School District: Erosion Of Our Rights

The District wants the Missouri Human Rights Act to be realigned with Federal Standards in their self-serving way as Legislative Priority 8 states but when it comes to everything else basically, they want the Feds to butt out.

I think we need to work together to get Legislative Priority Item 8 removed from the Legislative Platforms of the 30 school district members of the CSDGKC. 

I would like to see that patrons understand that LSR7 Legislative Platform PRIORITY POSITION #8 HAS NO EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE.  I do not want my tax dollars used to erode civil and human rights of the citizens of Missouri.  I believe the CSDGKC and LSR7 are getting too involved in politics considering the purpose of both is supposed to be EDUCATION.   

The Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City (CSDGKC Inc.) operates as a Missouri EDUCATIONAL Service Agency (ESA).  A CSDGKC sister  organization, the CSDGKC Foundation holds 501(c)(3) status.  In order to provide consistency and continuity, the board of directors for the CSDGKC Foundation is the same as the CSDGKC board.
CSDGKC Inc. is a  diverse, accomplished educational cooperative association.  CSDGKC represents 29 school districts and provides cutting-edge, state-of-the-art collaborative professional development services to another 19 school districts or schools.  CSDGKC serves rural, suburban, and urban communities from 13 Missouri Counties.  We represent over 188,000 students and 30,000 employees.  CSDGKC Inc. is governed by public  school districts in Bates, Buchanan, Caldwell, Cass, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Platte, and  Ray Counties.
Adrian R-III School
Archie R-V School District
Belton School District #124
Blue Springs School District
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Excelsior Springs School District 

Fort Osage R-1 School District

Grain Valley School District
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Harrisonville Schools
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Lee’s Summit R-7 School District 
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West Platte School District
Missouri Human Rights Act to federal standards.  It isn't to benefit education and students, it is to shield administrators from financial accountability for their acts of discrimination.  It is also to please the school district's business donors and please the local Chamber of Commerce.  This will make it hard to prove discrimination even when that is what has happened.  The erosion of the Missouri Human Rights Act is a big step back in civil rights progress made in this country.  This is why it is critical to spread the word in our communities that we as Patrons/Stakeholders want this removed from the Legislative Platform of our school district.  This impacts school populations and all people who experience discrimination in their jobs, housing and public accommodations in the state of Missouri.  This change in the MHRA will impact all who experience discrimination in Missouri.

The Missouri Commission on Human Rights will take your charge and investigate the alleged discrimination, harassment ... If they find discrimination, then they will either help the parties settle or if the MCHR feels they should have a hearing about the case, they do that.  The parents of the child or the school employee who experienced discrimination, does not have to file a lawsuit, they don't have to hire an attorney.  The MCHR helps with all of this, holding the person and entity involved responsible for the discrimination if they find that in the case.  The school district's officials will be shielded from financial liability if the MHRA is eroded.  Governor Nixon has vetoed Bills two times.  Schools are using their Legislative websites to promote their agenda, which includes #8. 

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