Thursday, November 6, 2014

He Doesn't Vote For His Constituents. He Votes To Gain Favor

Missouri voters voted to raise the minimum wage in 2006. Our legislators overruled us.
The Missouri Minimum Wage Act, also known as Proposition B, was on the November 7, 2006 ballot in Missouri as an initiated state statute, where it was approved. The measure increased the state minimum wage to $6.50 per hour or to the level of the federal minimum wage, if higher.[1][2]
In 2011 Missouri lawmakers proposed a bill to repeal 2006's Proposition B. Specifically the bill proposed that Missouri's minimum wage never exceed the minimum set by the federal government. According to supporters the change would "protect businesses from forced increases in labor costs and preserve jobs for low-skilled workers." Opponents, however argued that the change would overturn an issue already approved by voters.[3]
On March 3, 2011 the bill was approved by the House following a 92-60 vote.[4]

Missouri Proposition B (2006)ResultVotesPercentageApproved 
Yes              1,583,71475.               94%

No                    501,73624                06%

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