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Blog CCP: Grisamore (47th) Dead in the Water

Blog CCP: Grisamore (47th) Dead in the Water

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grisamore (47th) Dead in the Water

Let's say you win your first election by a huge margin of 378 votes. Let's say you are the incumbent and your party has the majority. Then, let's say that your party abandoned the will of the people and removed caps on contributions - effectively putting Missouri goverment up for sale to the highest bidder. Don't you think you would raise some cash?

Well, Rep. Grisamore (R) from Lee's Summit is so well liked in his community that he has garnered a whopping $250 in support from his constiutents, according to the Missouri Ethic Commission report filed on July 16, 2007. Not that cash is king, but it tells you a little bit. Grisamore carried the Republican party line, which is not how this district votes. He has not been a leader in Jefferson City, just a follower.

The 47th House District is calling out for progressive leadership. All the D candidate needs is 190 more votes and we are one step closer to taking back the Missouri House.

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