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What Missouri Right to Life’s endorsement says about your candidate | Progress Missouri

What Missouri Right to Life’s endorsement says about your candidate | Progress Missouri

Each election, Missouri Right to Life (MRL) releases a list of
endorsements, and that endorsement says a lot about a candidate. MRL’s
endorsement doesn’t come easy. Candidates have to meet a very specific
set of guidelines, and must actively choose to fill out a thorough survey that details their stance on all of MRL’s issues.
And Missouri Right to Life’s issues aren’t limited to abortion, ranging
from stem-cell research to contraceptives to euthanasia.

Missouri Right to Life shares their extreme position on abortion with
Todd Akin. MRL supports a ban on abortion, and their policy is totolerate
exemptions for survivors of rape and incest only when politically
. MRL opposes emergency contraception, saying that it “like Russian Roulette… can kill at any time. MRL also tacitly supported the controversial federal personhood amendment which would ban common forms of birth control like the IUD and birth control pill.

Missouri Right to Life even opposes participation in the Girl Scouts
because they link to the “pro-abortion World Health Organization” on
their website and believes that “even the sale of Girl Scout Cookies is a

Only candidates who strictly vote with Missouri Right to Life’s
stance on issues maintain their endorsement; the implication being that these candidates
are inflexible in their “pro-life” stance for any legislation that the
PAC deems important. Year after year they file multiple restriction
bills, slowly chipping away at the women’s access to reproductive
healthcare in Missouri. Missouri is a battleground for reproductive
rights thanks to these inflexible politicians.

Politicians are supposed to represent constituencies, not PACs, and
Missouri Right to Life’s endorsement seriously undermines the integrity
of candidates claiming to do so. So, what does Missouri Right to Life’s
endorsement say about your candidate?

Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee Endorsements

Primary Election, August 5, 2014

  • Missouri State Senate

    • Bob Onder (R)
    • Bonnie Lynn Green (D)
    • Jeanie Riddle (R)
    • Ed Schieffer (D)
    • Dan Hegeman (R)
    • Paul Wieland (R)
    • John R. Ashcroft (R)
  • Missouri State House of Representatives
    • Roger Parshall (R)
    • Allen Andrews (R)
    • Mike Waltemath (D)
    • Nate Walker (R)
    • Lindell Shumake (R)
    • Tim Remole (R)
    • Mike Lair (R)
    • James W. (Jim) Neely (R)
    • Delus Johnson (R)
    • Kenneth Wilson (R)
    • Nick Marshall (R)
    • Josh Catton (R)
    • Kevin Corlew (R)
    • S. Nick King (R)
    • Robert (Bob) Rowland (R)
    • Bill E. Kidd (R)
    • Brent Lasater (R)
    • John A. Mayfield (D)
    • Noel Torpey (R)
    • Mike Cierpiot (R)
    • Jeanie Lauer (R)
    • Donna Pfautsch (R)
    • Rebecca Roeber (R)
    • Gary Cross (R)
    • Nola Wood (R)
    • T.J. Berry (R)
    • Joe Don McGaugh (R)
    • Jim Hansen (R)
    • Randy Pietzman (R)
    • Dan Dildine (D) District 42
    • Bart Korman (R)
    • Jay Houghton (R)
    • Caleb Rowden (R)
    • Charles (Chuck) Basye (R)
    • Dave Muntzel (R)
    • Travis Fitzwater (R)
    • Caleb Jones (R)
    • Dean A. Dohrman (R)
    • Nathan Beard (R)
    • Glen Kolkmeyer (R)
    • Denny Hoskins (R)
    • Rick Brattin (R)
    • Jack Bondon (R)
    • Wanda Brown (R)
    • David Wood (R)
    • Mike Bernskoetter (R)
    • Justin Alferman (R)
    • Tom Hurst (R)
    • Bryan Spencer (R)
    • Robert Cornejo (R)
    • Anne Zerr (R)
    • Keith English (D)
    • Joe Corica (R)
    • Jim Cain (R)
    • Don Houston (D)
    • Raymond Chandler (R)
    • Gina Jaksetic (R)
    • Al Faulstich (R)
    • Garrett Mees (R)
    • Cloria Brown (R)
    • Marsha Haefner (R)
    • Mike Leara (R)
    • John McCaherty (R)
    • Carol Veillette (R)
    • Shamed Dogan (R)
    • Rea Scharnhorst (R)
    • Andrew Koenig (R)
    • Don Gosen (R)
    • Kurt Bahr (R)
    • Kyle Schlereth (R)
    • Alexander McArthy (R)
    • John D. Wiemann (R)
    • Kathie Conway (R)
    • Mark Parkinson (R)
    • Chrissy Sommer (R)
    • John J. Haman, Jr. (R)
    • Nina Dean (R)
    • Justin S. Hill (R)
    • Paul Curtman (R)
    • Kirk Mathews (R)
    • Shane Roden (R)
    • Rob Vescovo (R)
    • Charles Groeteke (R)
    • Avery Fortenberry (R)
    • Jason Fulbright (R)
    • Dan Shaul (R)
    • Elaine F. Gannon (R)
    • Kevin Engler (R)
    • Ben Harris (D)
    • Dave Hinson (R)
    • Shawn Sisco (R)
    • Zech Hockersmith (D)
    • Keith Frederick (R)
    • Steve Lynch (R)
    • Diane Franklin (R)
    • Warren D. Love (R)
    • Mike Kelley (R)
    • Sue Entlicher (R)
    • Sandy Crawford (R)
    • Jeff Messenger (R)
    • Sonya Murray Anderson (R)
    • Fred Ellison (R)
    • Shar Lawless (R)
    • Eric W. Burlison (R)
    • Elijah Haahr (R)
    • Kevin Austin (R)
    • Lyndall Fraker (R)
    • Clayton Jones (R)
    • Michael Hope (R)
    • Jered Taylor (R)
    • Lynn Morris (R)
    • Tony Dugger (R)
    • Robert Ross (R)
    • Jeff Pogue (R)
    • Paul Fitzwater (R)
    • Shelley (White) Keeney (R)
    • Kathy Swan (R)
    • Holly Rehder (R)
    • Don Rone (R)
    • Neal E. Boyd (R)
    • Andrew McDaniel (R)
    • Tila Rowland Hubrecht (R)
    • Steve Cookson
    • Lyle Rowland (R)
    • Jeff Justus (R)
    • Mike Moon (R)
    • William (Bill) White (R)
    • Charlie Davis (R)

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