Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Representative Will Not Correspond With Me

My Representative, in the Missouri House, will not communicate with me because I have used his communications to expose his lies.  I keep his communications so when he changes his story I have proof of his original story.  Therefore, he refuses to communicate with me.  Here is an example of what he has sent to the entire state of Missouri.  This would include the Department of Mental Health.

That is why I stopped communicating with her in 2008. Anytime, she would post a false claim and I would write to communicate the truth, she would post my e-mail to her and contend I was lying. Therefore, I do not communicate with her any longer. You cannot have rational conversations in a stream of irrational and false attacks and misrepresentations.

My attacks against Representative Grisamore and the Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools are not false. I have proof of everything that I have said. Meanwhile, he double talks and chooses to ignore facts when presented to him. I have proven over and over that he has made a false claim and then he would say that I was mistaken or confused. How can you confuse the truth? 

He did not quit communicating with me in 2008. He has communicated since then and I have the email to prove it. Once again he assumes that everyone will believe his double talk and ignore the proof that is in front of them. Saying I am crazy, irrational, antagonistic, combative, and confused will not change that fact that what I have written about him is true. He will try to make you believe so, but I and the God that he claims to serve know the truth

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