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How He Gets Donations and We Can't Find Them

Alliance For Orphans and Widows


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Children of Promise International has commissioned our president, Jeff Grisamore, to launch a new initiative, hereby known as, the Alliance for Orphans and Widows. As President of Children of Promise since 2000, Jeff's legacy has been a consistent passion for the care of orphans and widows, a quality that will serve him well in this new endeavor. Jeff will assume his new duties as founder and president of Alliance for Orphans and Widows in April 2006.

The vision of the Alliance for Orphans and Widows is to help catalyze and enable more organizations to actively engage in orphan and widow care. Because of his commitment to this vision, Jeff will seek funding and programming opportunities not only for Children of Promise, but also for other organizations who share God's heart to care for orphans and widows. Children of Promise and Alliance for Orphans and Widows will seek continued partnership to care for orphans and widows, the poor, and those who have never heard the Gospel.

Dr. Lynn Wiens will be the interim President of Children of Promise International until a more permanent position can be arranged. Dr. Wiens, along with his wife, Dr. Ann Wiens, have been members of our Board of Directors since 2002. Dr. Wiens is a physician in Hutchinson, Kansas where he resides with his wife and five children, Peter, Josiah, Abigail, Evangelina, and Amber Joy.

We are thankful to God for Jeff's six years of faithful service to Children of Promise International. Please join us in praying for Jeff, his wife Mary, and their children in this new venture.

Thank you for your continuing commitment and generosity to the mission of Children of Promise, as we care for orphans, widows, and the poor worldwide, in order to reach the unreached with the Gospel. Your faithfulness is greatly appreciated.

Alliance Charities, the donor advised fund I direct at Servant Christian Community Foundation (SCCF) Contributions are tax-deductible and you will receive tax receipt from SCCF. 

Alliance Charitiesc/o Servant Christian Community Foundation
706 N. Lindenwood Drive
Olathe, KS 66062

You can also make secured credit card contributions online at www.alliancefororphans.org

If you have questions, please call Jeff Grisamore at 816.225.5695 or email him atjeff@alliancefororphans.org

Why choose a Giving Fund?

Your SCCF Giving Fund can serve your church or ministry in a wide variety of ways – as a capital fund, endowment, community outreach, or other purpose. Its many benefits include:
Flexibility – Accept all kinds of non-cash gifts – from real estate to business interests to restricted securities – and reduce your legal liability in the process.

Simplicity – Manage all aspects of your Fund online and leave all of the administrative tasks to SCCF (such as liquidation of assets).

Opportunity – Create new opportunities to influence your supporters on planning their giving – and how to get the greatest joy and impact out of their giving.

Privacy – Your Fund is confidential and not subject to public record searches.

Legacy – Deepen the relationship that your supporters have with your church or ministry, and strengthen your church or ministry by implementing a system of financial support for years to come. 

Creating A Culture of Generosity

That's the vision behind Servant Christian Community Foundation (SCCF).SCCF helps people give creatively and efficiently. We provide tools, resources and expertise that enable givers to give more generously and to use the most tax-efficient methods for giving. 

Our donor advised funds are tailored to accommodate your giving needs. SCCF serves families/individuals, churches, ministries, and professional advisors.

Why a Christian Community Foundation

There are at least ten major reasons why you should seriously consider establishing a Foundation Fund with the Servant Christian Community Foundation. Of course, responsible stewardship and the satisfaction of contributing resources to be used for Christian causes are the most important reasons of all.

1. A Private Foundation Alternative. A Foundation Fund with SCCF is very much like having your own private foundation without the drawbacks. Your Fund can even be personalized, i.e., 'The John Smith Foundation Fund.' By channeling your gifts through SCCF rather than establishing your own private foundation, you avoid costly legal fees, restrictions on contributions, excise taxes, and penalties often associated with private foundations.

2. Give Now, Distribute Later. One of the unique aspects of SCCF is that you can make your charitable contribution, take a current year tax deduction, but elect not to distribute some or all of those funds until a later year. You have up to 10 years before distributions must begin from the SCCF fund you have established.

3. Giving Appreciated Property. You may give non-cash charitable contributions including real property, limited partnerships, stocks, notes, etc. You get your full tax deduction, even if SCCF holds the asset for a period of time before it is converted to cash. To make gifting more simple, SCCF can receive gifts of marketable securities directly into a SCCF brokerage account.

4. Higher Deductions than Private Foundations. Making a donation to SCCF allows you to take a deduction of up to 50% of your adjusted gross income as opposed to 30% if you had your own foundation. Certain gifts to private foundations are limited to cost basis deductions where as the full-appreciated value may be deducted when donated through SCCF.

5. Simplified Giving. SCCF can simplify your giving and save you time by administering the distribution of gifts for you. For instance, should a donor wish to make a large donation of property or stock and wish to divide the proceeds among many different worthy causes, SCCF can sell the property and distribute the proceeds in accordance with your recommendations.

6. Future Giving. SCCF can be named the beneficiary of your Charitable Remainder or Charitable Lead Trusts, and SCCF can be owner and beneficiary of an insurance policy on your life. At your death the proceeds can be used to set up a Foundation Fund for distribution as designated by your children or appointees. The contribution you make to SCCF to pay insurance premiums may be tax deductible.

7. Anonymity. You have the option of making your gift(s) anonymous. The source of a gift to a particular recipient need not be revealed if desired by the donor.

8. Wills/Life Insurance. SCCF can be named in your Will to receive a portion of your estate. In such a case, either your will, or the contract with SCCF signed during your lifetime, can designate the charities to receive the distributions from your Foundation Fund. You can also designate the person, or persons, who will make the distribution decisions regarding your Foundation Fund after your death.

9. Gifts to Needy Individuals. SCCF can assist you in your ministry of benevolence through our affiliate, Helping Hands Ministries, allowing you to make tax-deductible payments to needy individuals who are not related to you

About Servant Christian Community Foundation SCCF is one of a nationwide network of Local Christian Foundations that are affiliated with The National Christian Foundation (NCF). Since 1982, this network has granted more than $1.6 billion to over 15,000 churches and ministries worldwide.SCCF offers expert counsel and innovative, flexible giving solutions to help:

Individuals and families make a greater impact with their charitable giving, give practically any asset entrusted to them, and balance their giving with income needs

Churches and ministries offer their supporters creative ways of giving, which can lead to significant new funding for their organization Professional advisors (financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, and others) present charitable giving expertise to their clients, which turns their practice into a ministry and builds stronger relationships

The National Christian Foundation, with whom SCCF is affiliated, is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).Resource Network.

You will have access to Christian advisors and fellow donors who can help you think through your stewardship or estate questions: 

How much should I leave my children? 

Is an endowed family foundation wise?

What happens if a ministry or organization to which I've left money changes direction after I die?

Where do I find Christian attorneys and other Christian professionals?

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