Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Outgoing Mo. state representative says son was beaten by 2 attackers | fox4kc.com

Outgoing Mo. state representative says son was beaten by 2 attackers | fox4kc.com

For eight years he has stood by while our children have been abused, neglected, psychologically damaged, and left behind. In some cases he provided the district with false information that led to families facing retaliation.  He has claimed to be the champion of those with disabilities as he used them as stepping stones in his political career.  Now it is his child and he is hoping that the authorities will intervene?  Where was he when it was our children?  He was standing by doing nothing and in some cases contributing to the problem.  I feel bad for his son.  No child should have to go through this.  Not even his.

COLUMBIA, Mo. — A senior at the University of Missouri and son of an outgoing Missouri state representative is hospitalized after being attacked and beaten. Four-term State Representative Jeff Grisamore of Lee’s Summit confirmed that his son, Joel Grisamore, had emergency facial reconstruction surgery Tuesday afternoon.
On Twitter, Rep. Grisamore said that two people beat Joel unconscious. He also said that police in Columbia are following several leads and hope to make arrests soon in the case.

He also tweeted that his son was in recovery following a two-hour surgery on Tuesday evening, but says he is still in intense pain.

You may recognize Joel Grisamore if you attended a recent football game in Columbia. He is an ROTC cadet and leads the Mizzouka Canon Crew at the university’s football games.
Rep. Grisamore served District 34 that includes Lee’s Summit and Greenwood between 2006 and 2014. Representative-elect Rebecca Roeber will serve that district beginning with the next legislative session.

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