Sunday, March 31, 2013

Policy Perspectives with the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri is an education reform podcast that will feature topics central to the need for education reform in Missouri. It will feature experts on accountability and transparency, teacher quality, and parental choice. To suggest topics or guests for our podcast please send us suggestions on FaceBook or tweet us at @ceamofficial.
8. Policy Perspectives (3/26/2013): Three things every parent of a special learner should know before attending an IEP meeting.
Click HERE to listen…Legal Services of Eastern Missouri attorney Pat Mobley who works with LSEM’s Children’s Legal Alliance talks about his work with special needs learners and the IEP process with CEAM’s Peter Franzen and Lisa Clancy.
7. Policy Perspectives (3/13/2013): Legislative Update
Click HERE to listen…Listen as CEAM State Policy Director Kate Casas discusses A-F school report card ratings and other education reforms being considered by the Missouri legislature.
6. Policy Perspectives (1/26/2013): Meet CEAM’s new field director, Lorna Kurdi, as she discusses her motivation for being part of the education reform movement in this interview with Peter Franzen.
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5. Policy Perspectives (12/06/2012): Interview with Representative Steve Cookson
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Peter Franzen and Kate Casas interview Representative Steve Cookson.
4. Policy Perspectives (11/13/2012): Interview with Amanda Henry
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Teach for America – St. Louis alumnus Amanda Henry talks about the importance of making teacher evaluation a meaningful and instructive process that helps parents and school leaders understand the effectiveness of classroom teachers by using the “value-added” model.
3. Policy Perspectives (10/24/2012): Mike Malone discusses South City Prep’s finances.Click HERE to listen…Peter Franzen, Kate Casas, and Mike Malone, Founder and School Leader at South City Prep, discuss the Missouri State Board of Education’s declaration that South City Prep is financially distressed.
2. Policy Perspectives (10/18/2012): CEAM Position on St. Louis Public Schools Accreditation Status.Click HERE to listen…Kate Casas and Peter Franzen discuss CEAM’s position on the reclassification of Saint Louis Public Schools.
1. Policy Perspectives (10/12/2012): Meet the CEAM Staff-
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The Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri staff discuss their background and passion for education reform.

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