Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Claim Three

The point many make about her false claims and implications about our personal lives is, what business is it of hers? She appears obsessed like a political stalker. It is disappointing, given I spent multiple hours with her and her Lee's Summit Autism Support Group in 2006 and 2007. I always encouraged them to be peaceful, positive and proactive in their approach, versus negative, antagonistic and combative.

Her false attacks against me, Lee's Summit R-7 Schools, DESE and now my House colleagues contain many commonalities. She consistently misunderstands the facts and misrepresents the truth and timelines. That is why I stopped communicating with her in 2008. Anytime, she would post a false claim and I would write to communicate the truth, she would post my e-mail to her and contend I was lying. Therefore, I do not communicate with her any longer. You cannot have rational conversations in a stream of irrational and false attacks and misrepresentations.

It is my business because he is representing me in Jefferson City and I don’t feel that he is representing me well. I am not a stalker. I am a woman that has been used by Representative Grisamore and I wish to let everyone know what he really is.

My attacks against Representative Grisamore and the Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools are not false. I have proof of everything that I have said. Meanwhile, he double talks and chooses to ignore facts when presented to him. I have proven over and over that he has made a false claim and then he would say that I was mistaken or confused. How can you confuse the truth?

He did not quit communicating with me in 2008. He has communicated since then and I have the email to prove it. Once again he assumes that everyone will believe his double talk and ignore the proof that is in front of them. Saying I am crazy, irrational, antagonistic, combative, and confused will not change that fact that what I have written about him is true. He will try to make you believe so, but I and the God that he claims to serve know the truth

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