Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Healthcare Denied To Missouri's Kids


The Party of No: House GOP denies health care to kids

Budgets are about priorities. And the House GOP just sent a crystal clear message that their priorities don't include health care coverage for kids.... even in a deepening recession... even when largely paid for by the federal government.

Today, the Missouri GOP said "no" to making health insurance more affordable for over 20,000 kids--- with the feds standing ready to pay three quarters of the cost.

That while the GOP House members enjoy full-boat state health insurance coverage for themselves, their spouses and their own kids.

Submitted by Jefferson Thomas on March 4, 2009 - 3:32pm

Jay Nixon on GOP's "grievous error"

Submitted by Cole on March 5, 2009 - 5:07pm.

Jay Nixon on GOP's "grievous error"

“Yesterday, the Missouri House of Representatives turned down an opportunity to provide health care to 2,000 Missouri children, eliminate premiums for 19,000 others and take the first step to enroll 20,000 more children.

"By refusing to make a minimal investment of $1.9 million in the health of our kids, House Republicans turned away $5.5 million in federal matching funds from the Children’s Health Insurance Program and sent a disappointing signal that health care for Missouri children is not one of their priorities. Health insurance for Missouri kids remains a top priority for my administration, and I look forward to working with the Senate to correct yesterday’s grievous error.”

The 84 who denied health care to Missouri children

Sue Allen

Walt Bivins

Ellen Brandom

Dan Brown

Mark Bruns

Eric Burlison

Robert Cooper

Stanley Cox

Mike Cunningham

Cynthia Davis

David Day

Bill Deeken

Charlie Denison

Mike Dethrow

Scott Dieckhaus

John Diehl

Bob Dixon

Tony Dugger

Ed Emery

Doug Ervin

Sally Faith

Barney Fisher

Tom Flanigan

Tim Flook

Ward Franz

Doug Funderburk

Chuck Gatschenberger

Jeff Grisamore

Casey Guernsey

Jim Guest

Steve Hobbs

Denny Hoskins

Allen Icet

Timothy Jones

Kenny Jones

Shelley Keeney

Gayle Kingery

Andrew Koenig

Will Kraus

Mike Lair

Scott Largent

Mike Leara

Scott Lipke

Tom Loehner

Cole McNary

Chris Molendorp

Brian Munzlinger

Bob Nance

Brian Nieves

Jerry Nolte

Mark Parkinson

Mike Parson

Darrell Pollock

Bryan Pratt

Jeanie Riddle

Marilyn Ruestman

Don Ruzicka

Therese Sander

David Sater

Rob Schaaf

Rodney Schad

Dwight Scharnhorst

Charles Schlottach

Shane Schoeller

Ryan Silvey

Joe Smith

Jason Smith

Bryan Stevenson

Rick Stream

Mike Sutherland

Mike Thomson

Steven Tilley

Clint Tracy

James Viebrock

Maynard Wallace

Don Wells

Ray Weter

Larry Wilson

Kevin Wilson

Dennis Wood

Billy Pat Wright

Brian Yates

Anne Zerr

Ron Richard

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